Shadows of Magic

A reluctant mage. A kingdom in ruins. To save his realm, one young man must become what he fears most…


Finn blames the mages of old for his family’s humble existence. After all, their greedy grab for power reduced his once-mighty homeland to ruin. But no amount of hatred for magic will keep his own fiery abilities at bay. Shortly after his 16th birthday, a heated argument causes him to lose control and burn the life he knew to the ground…

After the accident, Finn and his little sister flee to the forest and their only chance at refuge is asking fellow magic-wielders for help. The young man finds himself in the middle of a conflict between an elder mage’s desire to teach peaceful magic and a militant faction’s quest for justice. The battle is brewing and Finn must choose sides before the struggle begins…

As the fight for his kingdom’s future rages on, Finn must learn the hard way that it isn’t power that defines you… it’s how you choose to wield it.

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Shadow Mage (Shadows of Magic Book Two)

An immortal man, counting the days before a demon takes over his body and brings ruin to the world. 
A young assassin, riddled with social anxiety, sent to kill him, discovering that it’s extremely difficult to kill a man who cannot die.

An unlikely friendship, with the fate of the world at stake.

Magical beasts roaming the land. Cracks in the very foundation of magic itself. A talking– well, rambling– pillar of fire infused with the soul of a certain long-winded old wizard.

Can Finn save the world again, this time from himself? Can Sarai figure out how to kill him, or at least how to successfully navigate a basic social interaction without crumbling into a ball of neuroses or stabbing someone? Who the heck thought letting Isabelle teach a class of impressionable youngsters was a good idea?

The answers to these questions, and more, lie in Shadow Mage, the long-awaited sequel to Sarah McCarthy’s Shadows of Magic. 

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The Eidolons of Myrefall

A degenerate band of demon hunters. A trainee with more sass than talent. A destiny that may get her killed.


 Arabel Fossey has a psychopath for a father. So when she’s caught trying to escape, the Lord Protector’s daughter receives a sinister punishment: learning to train as a demon-hunting Guardian of the Deep. Desperate to avoid the tragic fate of her mother, she tries to ignore the Guardians’ high rate of fatality…

Surrounded by strangers and singled out by a teacher who hates her family, Arabel struggles to keep up with the training. But just as she starts to make progress, a dark secret may turn her and her school into targets. Can Arabel tap into long-dormant magic to protect the Guardians from the forces of darkness?

The Eidolons of Myrefall is the exciting first book in the Guardians of the Deep fantasy series. If you like brave heroines and plenty of magic served with a thick slice of snark, you’ll love Sarah McCarthy’s tale of young demon hunters.

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Death of the Immortal King

Her father started a dynasty. Undying evil corrupted their kingdom. She’ll spark a revolution…


Elaine has always fallen short of her father’s favor. But when he’s executed for treason, she’s cast out of the kingdom with nothing but her boat and an unshakable urge to uncover the truth behind his legendary past. Destitute and alone, Elaine must find a way into the palace to confront her father’s old friend and ruthless betrayer—the reincarnated king.

To take on a tyrant with power over the grave, Elaine teams up with an underworld leader with more schemes up her sleeves than tattoos. But when her new ally’s plot turns from vengeance to all-out revolution, Elaine must decide if clearing her father’s name is worth covering the kingdom she loves in innocent blood.

Death of the Immortal King is a high-spirited fantasy novel. If you like daring heroines, enduring mysteries, and imaginative fantasy cultures, then you’ll love Sarah McCarthy’s exhilarating adventure.

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